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We are now living in a competitive world and bigger opportunities come to those who have a college degree.  Even if you have the skills and hard-earned experiences, you will still be left behind if you don’t have any degree at all.  Why suffer if you can purchase a college degree without the burden of going to school? Here are 7 great reasons why you need to start buying your degree now:

  1. For employment – If you have a degree, it is easier to apply for jobs especially if you are seeking high-earning  jobs. Employers would always look for the basic requirements and one of those is a college degree.  If you don’t have one, you will be left behind with other applicants.
  2. For job promotion – if you purchase a college degree, you will have an additional qualification that can guarantee you of a job promotion.  You become more competitive with your colleagues because you have credentials to prove that you have finished a degree.
  3. For positive self-image – A college degree gives you much confidence and high self-esteem.  People around you will listen to what you say, will respect your decision, and will honor what you do.  Others won’t even appreciate the hardwork and skills you show if you have no college degree to boast.  But if you have the credited papers proving that you have earned a degree, then people would give a high regard to your accomplishments.

Now that you have realized the importance of a college degree, there’s no need for a second thought.  Purchase a college degree now and be surprised of the positive changes that would happen to your life. Purchase A College Degree !


University Degrees

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University Degrees

All the degree includes the following:

  • Legal registration of the degree/ title and obtaining the official seal
  • Free verification service by university if any one wish to verify
  • Official accredited university degree diploma from the university
  • University mini brochure to cover all verification and school information about the university
  • Permanent student records in the database of the university

Degree TypePriceDetailsYears of Experience Recommended
Associate DegreeUSD$ 290An Associate degree is an undergraduate academic degree award by university for about two years. This is usually equivalent to two years of a four years of university degree in most countries, especially in USA, Canada and Australia.2 years
Higher Diploma

(Selected Major Only)
USD$ 290A Higher diploma is an academic award below bachelor degree. It usually takes two to three years to finish.2 years
Bachelor DegreeUSD$ 290A Bachelor degree is an academic degree awarded for an undergraduate major that last four years in US system and three or four years in UK system. You can find more detail in the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bachelor's_degree3 years
Post Bachelor Diploma

(Selected Major Only)
USD$ 290Post Bachelor Degree (or Post Bachelor Diploma) is usually one year of diploma beyond completion of Bachelor Degree. Although this type of diploma is not common, but it available in some majors and it is quite common in European countries.3 years
Professional Diploma

(Selected Major Only)
USD$ 290Professional certification, professional certification or professional designation is a designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task. Not all subject areas have professional diploma. We have a limited major available in this diploma, for example, business, computer technology, environment, economic, language education, logistics and transport, project management and security,etc.4 years
Master DegreeUSD$ 390A Master degree is usually an one or two years of study beyond Bachelor degree. In Europe, it is called a "magister" degree.4 years
Doctorate Degree (PHD)USD$ 490A doctorate degree is the highest terminal degree which usually take 3 to 6 years beyond master degree. University usually offers Doctorate Degree in the following title only: Doctor of Philosophy (PHD), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Science (DSc), Doctor of Arts (DA), Doctor of Education (DEd), Doctor of Engineering (DEng), Doctor of Social Science (DSSc) and Doctor of Theology (Th.D), etc.6 years
Honorary Doctorate DegreeUSD$ 690This degree usually award to formally recognize individual's contributions to particular area, community service or philanthropic efforts.8 years
ProfessorshipUSD$ 790A Professor (Professorship) will be granted to a person who is scholarly teacher, in addition, a person who is an expert in their own area.8 years
Honorary ProfessorshipUSD$ 790Honorary Professorship usually recognize the contribution by a non-employee or by an employee beyond regular duties. 10 years
FellowshipUSD$ 790A fellowship or Fellow is to describe a person, particularly by those in the upper social classes. This awarded to an elite person work in pursuit of knowledge or practice.8 years

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These degrees were charge for USD$ 5000 and it will take two months to process.

Amazing Truths Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Buy Degrees

A college degree is a lifetime achievement.  It determines your status in life, your career, and your future. For those who have no time to study, there is still hope to earn a degree.  How? Simple.  All you need is to buy degrees.  But then, other people won’t be hesitant to do it thinking it’s a great scam. Well, what they didn’t know is that they are missing a lot.  To purchase a degree is actually legal that’s why there is no reason to be afraid if you are planning to purchase your degree in accredited schools.

When you buy degrees, you get the following credentials that would legally prove that you have completed academic requirements in universities.

  • Legal registration of the degree or a title that obtains the university’s official seal
  • Accredited diploma from the university
  • A mini brochure covering the verification and information about the university
  • A permanent student record in the school’s database
  • Free verification service


Having all these credentials is considered armor in facing life’s battles.  These can also be weapons in competing towards a great career change and successful employment. Nobody will question the validity of the documents mentioned above because the papers had undergone the legal process with the help of highly-acclaimed lawyers.  There’s no need to fear in purchasing a degree you want.  All you have to do is look for a reliable company to help you process everything you need, wait for your orders to come, and face the world with confidence having the legal credentials in our hands. Buy degrees now and start to conquer success for your future.

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