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For University Graduation Cap Size

Detail: Please measure your head about one inch above your ears.  Please use a tape measure for your measurement of your head size.  You can also use a ruler or yardstick to measure the length of your head.

Please wrapped around your head and find your length.

The University Graduation Cap comes in three sizes:

Small  54-55 cm

Medium 56-57 cm

Large 58 cm and over


What about if my cap does not fit?

You can probably pin the hat in place to keep if from sliding.  If it is much too small you can cut a slit and probably pin it in place.


For University Hood

  • Available in several color according to your major field of study.
  • Based on different university and different faculty had different hood color, we will pick the hood for you if you purchase the degree

For University Graduation Gown Size

Your University Gown will come in three sizes as the following:

Height (feet)SizeCentimetersWeightDress Size
4'6"-4'8"S137.2-142.2cm180 lbs39
4'9"-4'11"S144.8-149.9cm180 lbs42
5'0"-5'2"S152.4-157.5cm180 lbs45
5'3"-5'5"M160-165.1cm180 lbs48
5'6"-5'8"M167.6-172.7cm180 lbs51
5'9"-5'11"M175.3-180.3cm270 Lbs54
6'0"-6'2"M182.9-188cm270 Lbs57
6'3"-6'5"L190.5-195.6cm270 Lbs60
6'6"-6'8"L198.1-203.2cm330 Lbs63
6'9"-6'11"L205.7-210.8cm330 Lbs66

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When you buy university degree online, it is automatic that you get your personal graduation gown of your size.  Before you actually order for a diploma, you should also include your body size for your academic gown to fit. This is also true with the cap.  You should measure first your head size for the cap to fit perfectly.  The hood would also depend on the degree you have purchased.  Different universities have their standard in using several colors hoods for different majors.

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