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Is there any hidden fees ?

No, all the fees are ONE time fees and final. There is no further fees involved in the future.

Do you ship internationally ?

Yes, we ship internationally as long as we can process your payments.

Is there any alternative way to pay fees other than credit card ?

Yes, we can accept Western Union. Please email us to request further detail.

Do you accept paypal ?

Sorry, we no longer accept paypal due to number of fraud transactions. However, in some special occasion we can accept Alertpay (www.alertpay.com) payment. Please contact us for details.

Can a degree to be paid with the credit card of other person with different name ?

No, only returning customers who have already order degree from us in their OWN NAME and received it through Registered Air Mail (You have to sign and show your ID before you accept your package) can order for a third party person, for example, close friend or family, etc.The degree can only be shipped to the billing address of the credit or debit card. Card holder and the person named on the degree are equally bound by the confidentiality contract (please see our privacy and confidential agreement for further information). The person named on the credit card or debit card automatically declares that the person named on the degree has given their permission for the degree to be obtained in their own name. In some circumstance, we will require your scanned ID and scanned credit card (front and back) for extra verification of your identity for your degree order.

I don’t have credit card, can I pay with my family or friend credit card ?

We can accept Western Union payment, please email to us for further information. Otherwise, we will require your scanned ID and scanned credit card (front and back) for extra verification of your identity for your degree order.

What can I do if I don’t have a credit card ?

We can advise there are several ways you can do as the following:1. Pay by Western Union (please email us for information) 2. Pay by prepaid credit card. You can easily purchase a Visa Gift Card or Master Gift Card or Prepaid Visa or Prepaid Master Card at any local store or bank. These prepaid credit card can be purchased in USD$ 50, USD$ 100 increments. 3. Pay by your family or friend credit card, this is the least option. However, we require your ID scanned copy and your family or friend credit card scanned copies (front and back). If we don’t get these further verification, we cannot process your order.

How can I trust that your company is secure and reliable ?

We had been in this business for over twenty years and recently we are moving our business online for about ten years. We are extremely experience to handle university degree for our customers.

How long do you need to take to ship my degree ?

We will ship all order within 48 orders. We cannot ship the degree directly from the universities. The universities will ship their degree to one of our centers located in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin, Toronto or Sydney and we will forward the package to your address. It depends of what kind of shipping methods you choose. For courier service like UPS, Speed post or Fedex, it will usually take 2 to 5 days. For Registered Air Mail, it will usually take about one week to three weeks based on your geographical location.

Can I request specific shipping methods ?

Yes, we have Registered Air Mail, UPS, Speed Post or DHL available.

How about if I don’t receive my package ?

You should email to us immediately. We will find out the tracking number to see where the package located or we will reship the item to you. This is not common to our shipment and every package will be sent by either Registered Air Mail or Courier so the chance is very rare.

How do I decide which degree title is relevant my degree major ?

We will decide for you as long as you indicate your level of degree, for example Bachelor, Master, PHD or Professorship. For example, If you major in Mathematics, some universities will offer Bachelor of Arts and some universities will offer Bachelor of Science degree. Therefore, we will choose the degree title that is most relevant to your degree title based on your country, universities chosen and your major.

Is signature require for receiving a package ?

This is an important documents and we require all package we shipped are signed by card holder themselves.

Is it safe to place an order in your website ?

Absolutely. We have the most advanced electronic and procedural security procedure and approved by bank to protect and secure the information we collect. We constantly work with Citibank, Chase Bank, TD Bank, Barclays Bank, HSBC, UBS and Credit Suisse to review our handling procedure and security system. In addition, our website use the most advanced Verisign Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) to encrypt your personal credit card information and your credit card information will be NEVER stored in our system. It will store in our bank system. It is even safer when you shop physically or give your credit card information over the phone. No one will be able to see your credit card information. We guarantee NONE of our staff or even bank staff will see your credit card information.

Can I use your degree to commit illegal Fraud ?

Registered Degree will not and do not help you commit Fraud. Although we are offering verifiable university degree, but this will be restricted only for several purposes as the following:

Upgrade CV
Job Hunting
Job Interview
Job Promotion
Boost Self Image
Boost Confidence
The University degree are never to be used for any deceptive, dishonest, or illegal act which would include using any of our university degree for illegal in certain places and circumstances. Please check your local law before ordering. We strongly not encourage you to get our degree for government service. If you want a degree for government service, please contact us first. Registered Degree reserves the right to cancel your order in any time, with or without refund. We have reason to believe you intend to use any of our degree for anything other than your intended uses as illegal by Registered Degree.

Where do you based and where is your office ?

We had offices in UK, USA and Switzerland. Our office location will handle different partnership with the universities in different continents. We welcome any partnership with any universities.

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